Au Revoir!

Farewell people! Have a great life ahead. Before you think that I have gone berserk because of an old graze in my head, let me tell you that for the first time in your very life you are right. Although, the reason is not the graze but the irrational people who tend to bother me with their impeccably stupid life problems. Man! They surely are talented (Dude. They are being written about).

These young ladies, the not-so-gentle-men and the gentlemen have failed in their attempts to comprehend the simplicity of life. More precisely, college-life. ‘Thinking too much’ is what they are practicing. They probably have taken those old adages too seriously. Think_before_you_speak is just so not ‘in’. Try speaking without giving it a thought. Don’t pre-process your feelings for God’s sake. When you think too much you tend to confuse your real thoughts with the fake ones. Get busy doing something and the thinking_demons will not disturb.

Are you fake? Yes Mr. /Ms. Dumb, you are undoubtedly. All this sham will land you among another lot of deceptive people and you will go deeper into the swamp of falsehood.The first thing which comes to your mind is the real you. Say it. It is not easy but worth giving a try. It feels ecstatic. Don’t even worry what others gonna think, they anyway do not have a high opinion of you.

Thinking too much is a disease which can eat every bit of you and destroy you completely. This disease has tiptoed into the society and is taking away the sleep of many. Enough of sugar-coated refined talks, be blunt for a change. Let loose.            

Confess to your crush, before it gets crushed. Curse the ones who are in need. Say your heart out. Do what you feel like. This might pop up some problems for you but hey, your life will be more happening and adventurous. The feeling can be no better. I think the title could have been more apposite. But then, who cares. So… #don’t think, just do.


13 thoughts on “Au Revoir!”

  1. It requires a deep long thot to pen down.
    Roughly speaking, a writer waste more tym in thinking than to write.
    who cares ..?
    how much u r suffering with this very disease since u hv found sm blank space on a nytmare.
    Nyc self sarcasm my dear ltl Scott.


  2. Well..seems like you are a little too frustrated.. 😀
    Do not think much before you speak..we preach this..all the time.. :p 😉
    Good work again! (Y) 🙂


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