Let the eGO

I recently read this line somewhere- ‘I’ is the smallest word in the dictionary; don’t make it the biggest in your vocabulary. So I thought of  uploading something I wrote some three years back. Do let the eGO.

I need a placard: “slippery when wet” coz I just spilled my ego all over the floor…

This word: EGO …echoes in my mind persistently, as I see the people around me.These are those creatures who are the most deserving candidates to win an Oscar, considering their in-born talent to provoke someone like me. It really is devastating to see people fight (war of words) over petty issues.

They say their ego is hurt (O Come on, put some savlon and bandage and get over with it, simple). But on a serious note, why do you take things straight on your ego, as if they were a sharp, pointed dagger shattering your ‘ego thing’ into teeny-tiny pieces.

Sometimes, even saying a sorry is such a big deal for so many of them (don’t hide your face and accept it that you also have had the same reluctance in doing so). The new blood, the present generation is the most affected lot.

Being a shameless fellow, EGO can come anywhere, anytime without a formal invitation. It can interfere in between friends, siblings, student-teacher and even son-mother. In college, juniors refusing to give ‘intro’ to the seniors as they have come here dropping one or two years (lo… and see their audacity) and are not under any obligation to follow their orders is a visible example of the situation. Okay, those who belonged to this category of ego-stricken juniors, filled with ego to the brim, raise your left hand. And those who could not give up this quality  even after meditating in some godforsaken place, please raise your right hand. For those with both their hands in the air, I am typing this with the middle finger; do get this into your thick, fat heads that you will be lost in a miasma of arrogance and disdain.

This egoistic bunch is the result of many happenings. They can be a result of “unmet emotional needs” or “kisi-ne-meri-ni-suni…main-kyun-sunu type childhood”. They live in their own world of fantasy where they are the undisputed kings and queens.They, in their ivory tower, think, people to be dumb to tolerate you like this, but hello… they are the ones who are dumb to think this way. They see to it that they are surrounded by people who are like sheep and cattle, quietly following them without uttering a word. They believe their word to be the final (pathar ki lakeer types).

You have to see that you do not transform into such a personality, which is not only irritating but also a signal for others to stay miles away from you. Being an egoistic brat lands you nowhere. After sometime you find yourself segregated from the rest. They say sometimes it is necessary to bring out “the egoistic you” but the trouble begins when this “egoistic you” refuses to go back. It will only be your loneliness which will accompany you throughout your life and no one else. Okay now hands down.


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