GOT it!

The world is a strange mix of homo sapiens. This is how you categorize them in the simplest way possible; the ones

1. Who watch Game of Thrones! (The best of the kind)
2. Who PRETEND they do not watch Game of Thrones!
3. Who do not watch Game of Thrones (Believe me when I say, these do exist!)

Beware of the 2nd category though. I incest. 😛 Oops.. I meant, I insist! How can someone watch the series and not discuss it with anyone?! How in the world?! Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Meryn Trant, The Hound, 2nd category.. 2nd category, …Joffrey,…

As for the 3rd category; they so are gonna Ygritte their decision of not watching this Game. 😉
With the game comes the Spoilers. These are hard to avoid and enough to induce hatred for the person responsible. But its fun when you give the wrong spoilers and make people actually believe that you have ended it for them. 😀 But I make a pinky promise with my Littlefinger today that I won’t spoil it for anyone anymore.

It is only a matter of time when the Game ends. The season will be Oberyn sometime. And our lives be mundane thereafter. You can say life will be Khaalee_si.
If you can read in between the lines written here; you, my friend, have a good Sansa humour! 😉

You have truely been in the game; if the person you hate the most is Ramsay, the person you are truely indebted to is Ollena Tyrell, Dracarys is the only command you remember after all those years of computer learning.

Those waiting for the next season; have patience till the next season brings you some greyJOY. Till then don’t let anyone Robb you of your love for the Game. Coz there is a Stark difference between the one’s who love it and the one’s who don’t. Cersei and the Iron throne?! Really..?! An Iron thrown at her face would do better.

My watch here has ended.
Valar Morghulis. A girl is Aisha; first of her name. *GOT theme playing back*


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