7 down, 1 more to go. And the game is done. Done Forever. Apart from Engineering, we graduate in everything. As versatile as the Op-Amps; we excel in things beyond Engineering. We make the best of painters, dancers, singers, writers and what not. But ironically, the one thing we are not is ‘Engineers’. And oh, we don’t pump blood, but electrons. Electrons; negatively charged, thermally agitated.

Friends are judged on the number of proxies planted by them. Backbenchers are the trendsetters. The electrons emitted by the teachers, do only a little recombination in the brains. We never attack the question paper but the mind behind it. A night before the exam is the time when the LEDs of brain lighten up. Even after the night-long war with the books, letters in the question paper perform latin dance from some godforsaken place. No, my friend! It ain’t dyslexia. We hold the prestigious place of giving the most number of exams in the galaxy, yet, we continue to do just fine! The ones in for some experiments get confused in those jumpers and wires. We like the BREAD but not the BOARD. The smoke from the IC, chokes the love for practicals which are rather theoretical. Suddenly, attraction has the properties of two magnets with the like poles positioned together.

Hey, if you fall in the species portrayed and are mentally sound…Congratulations! This integrated circuitry of engineering is hard to comprehend but fun to relish. From short circuiting ICs to burning hearts, it’s a wrap for life. All these things bring an avalanche of emotions if greater than 6 volts and zener otherwise (excuse my humor, if you will). So, the ‘not-so-Engineers’, let’s do it for one last time. Let’s Mug-it-up! And don’t forget to keep it <5 volts, lest you should burn your IC.

**counting the number of ICs she burned in labs in ‘The 4 years’**


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